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About Alkymē

Alkymē is a Hawai'i and New York-based digital, tech, and marketing studio. Our work spans multiple verticals based on our client's unique businesses. Just like us, our client's makeup is diverse - big, small, medium; local, national, global. Our mission is to grow our client's businesses and transform their brands.

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At Alkymē, our team transforms brands every day. We bring on smart, talented, and experienced team players who work daily to make an impact on the projects we work on.

Who we are

We’re a team with an extensive background in tech, having worked in engineering, marketing, creative development. We've been in our client's shoes, growing businesses large and small. And through it all, we've understood gaps in the available solutions and the need to provide growth-minded businesses with an all-in-one growth solution.

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Our Core Values

At the heart of our ethos lies an unwavering commitment to embodying our core values in all that we do. Each day, we hold ourselves and one another accountable for embracing these principles that define how we conduct business, guide our leadership and growth, and place the customer at the core of every decision we make.


Relentlessly High Standards

Our commitment to relentlessly high standards is the driving force behind our pursuit of excellence. We empower our teams to consistently deliver top-tier products, services, and processes.

With each new hire and promotion, we elevate our standards, continuously challenging ourselves to set the bar even higher. By demanding nothing short of exceptional quality, we ensure that our work is a testament to our unwavering dedication to perfection.


Customer Obsession

Our unwavering dedication to the customer fuels every aspect of our business. It starts with our customers. We don't just meet expectations; we exceed them.

We work tirelessly to earn and maintain the trust of our clients by demonstrating our deep understanding of their needs and delivering results that consistently exceed their aspirations. Through open communication, attentive listening, and a relentless pursuit of solutions, we build strong and enduring relationships that make us the preferred choice for our clients.


More with Less

We thrive on resourcefulness, self-sufficiency, and innovation. We recognize that constraints breed creativity, and we take pride in our ability to achieve remarkable outcomes while optimizing resources.

Our focus is on smart, efficient solutions that maximize value without unnecessary expansion. We understand that growth isn't measured by headcount, budget size, or buildings; it's measured by the impact and results we generate.


Trust and Transparency

At the core of our values lies trust and transparency. We believe that a foundation built on honesty, integrity, and open communication is essential for meaningful and successful relationships. We foster an environment where trust is paramount, both internally among our team members and externally with our clients.

Through transparent collaboration, we ensure that every decision and action is guided by a commitment to ethical conduct and mutual respect.


Results-Driven Value

In our pursuit of excellence, data takes center stage. We are results-driven, understanding that data holds the key to informed decision-making and impactful outcomes. By analyzing the data that drives our business and shapes our strategies, we uncover insights that enable us to continuously enhance our performance.

This data-driven approach extends to our interactions with clients, where we leverage data to provide value-driven solutions that deliver tangible, measurable results.


Welcome the Unknown

Our commitment to embracing the unknown is at the heart of our culture. We understand that innovation and growth often emerge from unexplored territories. We encourage our teams to venture into the unfamiliar, welcoming ambiguity as an opportunity for discovery and advancement.

By celebrating the unknown, we foster a culture that thrives on curiosity, adaptability, and the courage to push boundaries. Our embrace of the uncharted propels us into new realms of possibility, where the seeds of tomorrow's growth are sown.

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